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I was reviewing the claims list and I saw that John Wayne Gacy is free. 
I would like to claim him.


I would like to claim  Alexander Pichushkin
I would like to claim Coral Eugene Watts.

And I Am Here To Claim...

The beautiful Graham Young!

Susan Smith

Hey everyone
I was poking around truTV's Crime Library and I found an article on Susan Smith, who apparently in the early 90's pushed her car with her sleeping two boys in it into a lake so they silently drowned.

instead of getting the death penalty she got a chance of parole after 30 years.
anyways, if you want to read the whole story then heres the linkage.


Ok, I finally got the claims list going again. It's fixed, and everyone should be on there. Please please please scan it, see if there are any corrections that need to be made, and let me know.

Thanks for being patient with me :)

PS: I'm claiming Samara Morgan form the Ring movies ^_^

Claims List...again.


I tried to update the claims list and completly fucked it up. I am going to try to fix the problem as soon as I figure out what the hell I did. Sorry for the inconvenience >_

Dear community,

I would like to claim the sleazy and suave Patrick Bateman!

Anyone ever hear of Beverley Allitt?

I was cruising around crimelibrary.com and found the article there about her. She was a nurse in England who killed children in the early 90s. The article is crazy. Check out the article here: http://www.crimelibrary.com/notorious_murders/angels/beverly_allitt/1.html

I love crimelibrary.com. Anyone else have other sites they like, or a story about a murderer or serial killer they'd like to share?